20 Sep 2014

Hey my lovelies! If you follow me on instagram you probably already know that I've been to LFW, as I moved to London two weeks ago (just temporarily but still pretty awesome). Im neither famous nor rich so I wasn't invited to any shows, but let's be honest- hanging around with crazy people and capturing street style is ways better anyway. I won't upload all the pictures I took, but here are at least a few (my friend Stina took a few of them as well). I just love London so far and I can't wait to combine being a tourist and actually living here! Any good tips for some secret places around here? And I almost forgot: the lovely girl in white is Donia, a dutch blogger who studies here in London. I met her on Sunday because I asked her for a picture ... and ended up hanging around with her and her friend for the rest of the day. And excuse my basic outfit but the picture of me is from Saturday - I went right after college (so very spontaneously). I'd love to show you what I wore on Sunday but I don't have any pictures yet (well there's one on my instagram wit Donia). So I hope you all had a great start back to school or university :-) + You've probably noticed that I changed the design a bit, I'm not finished updating now so please be patient with me! Thousand hugs and so much love to all of you out there! 

xx Alina 

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