24 Dec 2014

Hey guys! Finally I’ve been able to film another lookbook! It’s already Christmas so it is a bit late but maybe you can still get some inspiration for your x-mas outfit and so on. I’m really sorry for the horrible lighting and focus but it was kind of last minute and I didn’t have a lot of time so… I’ll try to find as many items online as possible and link them down below! SO MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! love you! x –Alina 


14 Dec 2014

DE: Hi meine süßen Mäuse, ja ich kanns selbst kaum glauben, nach fast 3 Monaten endlich ein neuer Post. Ich hab mich hier in London mehr als nur gut eingelebt, freu mich aber trotzdem schon extrem darauf Weihnachten daheim zu verbringen und alle wieder zu sehen. Ich hoffe euch geht es allen mehr als nur gut, die Ferien sind ja immerhin auch bald (oder bereits) da. Falls ihr irgendwelche Fragen bezüglich London oder sonst was habt, wisst ihr ja wo ihr mich erreichen könnt! (e-mail, tumblr). Ich hab mich riesig über eure E-mails gefreut und hoffe wir hören uns in Zukunft wieder öfter! Ganz viel Liebe und Weihnachtsstimmung aus London -Alina 

EN: Hi my loves, I can't believe what just happened. I mean seriously? It took me almost 3 months to post again? No worries, I'm probably the one being most disappointed about my so called 'blogger qualities' (that I proved don't exist anymore). I really enjoy my life here in London and it already feels like home to me, still I'm more than excited to spend Christmas back in Austria with all my beloved ones. Apparently some of you still believe in me as I got a bunch of really cute E-mails from some of you (thanks again if you're reading this right now). I hope you're all doing great, if not no worries- Xmas is coming! If you have any questions about London or anything else just e-mail me or pm me on instagram or tumblr :-) Keep your fingers crossed that a new post is following soon, I won't promise anything but I'm more than optimistic! Lots of love and Christmas mood from London -Alina 

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