15 Aug 2015

Hi loves! As I've spent the first few days of August in wonderful Zurich I thought I'm gonna share some of the best moments and shots with you here on my blog. Most of the pictures probably look quite familiar to those of you who follow me on instagram as well (maybe you can spot some you haven't seen yet!) but anywayyyyyyy! I apologize for the small size such as quality but I only had my phone to take pictures with- therefore I think they actually turned out quite good :) 

Sunday: I started my little trip on August the second (it's maybe a 50 minutes flight from my hometown Graz) and finally got to reunite with my friend Ann who I met in London last year. She gave me a ride to her place and a little tour through her city and dammmn I tell you I immediately fell in love! It was my first time in Zurich ever (even though it's super close to Austria) but I'm sure it won't be the last!  

In the afternoon I finally got to see Minea again (we met in London during Fashionweek the first time) and we had a lovely chat with some Mojitos of course. After that Luisa joined us as well (was so good to finally meet her as we've been following each other on instagram for ages) and we went to the lake to have some sushi and a homemade iced tea. I tell you, that Sunday couldn't have gone any better (wish all my Sundays were like that!). Oh well and of course we had to take some pictures as well but guess you've already noticed haha :)

Monday: That day was the perfect proof that Mondays aren't even that bad if you spend them with the right peeps around you. Maybe it was because of the good start to it- I had an amazing breakfast with Ann and we got to chat and relax. After that we went to the lake to tan and go swimming. I seriously need to go on vacay (ahhh thank god I am on Saturday!!!!) because I look like a ghost or something zombie related. You can't even tell the difference between my white top and my skin in some of the pictures! Of course we also couldn't resist the tempting smell coming from the lovely hotel restaurant next to us so we ended up sitting there, stuffing ourselves with fries and ice cream. What a happy gal I was! 

Tuesday: Joshua actually also made it to Zurich on quite short notice so I was really excited to see him again as well. We spent some time strolling around the city, taking pictures and catching up on what happened since we last saw each other earlier in February this year. Then the three of us went to a lovely place (yep I actually forgot what it was called) to have a nice lunch with Minea, who had to work unfortunately (don't know how this girl's managing everything but I really look up to her for always being in a good mood whenever you meet her). In the evening we just sat down next to the lake and had a nice glass of wine while chatting and enjoying ourselves. Had the best time!

Wednesday: The last day was quite chilled but fun. I went downtown with Ann to do a little bit of shopping. After visiting Brandy Melville we ended up at Starbucks (AS ALWAYS!) where we stayed for quite some time. I tell ya I already miss my Iced Caramel Macchiato since we don't have Starbucks where I live (yep I really wonder how I survive day after day haha). In the afternoon we filmed a super fun video (gogogo and watch it HERE!) whilst almost melting away because of the insane heat. The last evening was the perfect end to my amazing time in Switzerland as we had ice cream for dinner and enjoyed a breathtaking sunset at Zurich Lake. 

Thursday: I had to leave super early to catch my flight but Ann was kind enough to actually accompany me on my way to the airport. The time definitely went by way too fast but I enjoyed every second for sure. I'm just really grateful for being surrounded by such amazing people day by day wherever I go.. Travelling just makes me feel alive and I'm thankful that I'm able to do it that often! So where to was your last trip? Tell me all about it! And let me know if you like these more talky post or if you prefer a ton of pictures and less to read...I'm happy about every single feedback you guys give me! Love you all very much! x -Alina (you can head over to Mineas blog and her post HERE!) 

PS: I also want to introduce you to the app 'Polapix' by clixxie, which I recently teamed up with. After downloading the app you can choose your favourite instagram pictures to get them printed in a super cute polaroid style. I'm really pleased with the quality and can't wait to decorate my room with them! If you wanna try it out you can use my code 'polapixlove2' to receive two free Polapix and free shipping!! Awesome, right? 


  1. These pictures are great! Looks like this was a fun trip. xoxo

  2. love the pics! Have not heard if this website before, love how the photos were printed!

    Looks like you guys had lots of fun!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. aww I'm in love with this post Alina! <3

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