10 Aug 2016

Hello world! I'm back home from my vacation and feeling happier than ever. Two weeks of sun, the sea and diving were the perfect getaway.. If you're wondering where I've been to stay tuned for the next post (I'm still working on it but I hope it'll be up by the end of this week!). As I haven't really been talking about any fashion, beauty or lifestyle favorites on my blog for a really long time, I thought it's time for a little 'favorites' post. I always really enjoy reading them on other blogs so why not write one myself! Let me know what you think about it :) 


I got this cute city bag from Hieleven, that is the perfect size for the good old monthly (or weekly?) shopping spree. Besides that I really got to love my Chanel nail polish in the color Monochrome (#522). Even though I sometimes love to go a bit crazy with my nails during summer this color is definitely my go to one as it basically goes with everything. Jewelry wise I'm obsessed with my Paul Hewitt Ancuff that I received last week. But can we please talk about this cute Phone Case from GoCase? I mean HOW CUTE IS THAT? A must have for every Avocado addict/ lover out there.

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  1. glad you had a good time on holiday! im going in a few weeks and I cannot wait!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥


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