8 Oct 2017

Hi loves! <3 I felt like sharing a new post with you- right now I'm actually posting from beautiful Gothenburg in Sweden. I'm here to intern until December and am IN LOVE with this city and its beautiful facets. I'll definitely write a post about my favorite places here so stay tuned for that!

It's been a while since I uploaded the last outfit post, not because I haven't had time but simply due to the need to take some time off to refuel some inspiration and rethink what I wanna share with you guys here on this platform. I was questioning my work on social media a lot lately because I increasingly felt the need to keep uploading and started to favor quantity over quality. However this lead to me taking some online time off and deciding to continue my work on both Instagram and my blog, just focusing more on quality rather than quantity. It's just so easy to get lost and forget about your own philosophy but also to stay motivated and find your own voice that you're happy to share with others. This is why I decided to get back into writing more and also stop uploading 'just to upload'. But I'll get back to that issue in another post!

Today's Outfit features some things I've been into quite a lot recently: Denim (as always), statement jewelry, leather jackets and silver boots (can someone send me the Balenciaga ones please?). I am also so in love with these River Island Mom Jeans I got back in London 3 years ago. Also I have my eyes on a pair of Cheap Monday ones right now- so OBSESSED! I hope you're all doing great and cannot wait to continue blogging on this platform <3 
x Alina 


  1. gorgeous! love your outfit so much!

    xx, Valeria